Miracle Tele is a blockchain powered mobile telecom operator. One of the most apealing features currently implemented is the loyalty program, also known as stacking your tokens. In this artcile will be some analysis and simulation of those rewards, a.k.a. earnings.

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Disclaimer : effort has been made to verify all initiatives presented and often use them ourselves. The aim is to avoid HYIP, piramides and other deceit / scams. Still, always do your own research, this post is not advise, you are responsible for your decisions.

Basic principles

Rewards get paid in EUR and are available in dashboard under “earnings”.  You can use those earnings for purchasing telecom services, to buy more tokens or to withdraw out.  Withdrawing out has a minimum of 10 EUR in crypto currencies or 20 EUR for SEPA bank transfer.

Tokens are stacked for a 2 week period and by default this cycle automatically renews.  You can remove tokens from stack by flipping its switch to “off”.  Then they complete their current cycle, earn you your reward and become available on your dashboard.  Possible reasons to unstack are wanting to use them for purchasing telecom services.

Minimum token purchase and token stacking is 10 tele.  You can create stacks any time you want.  Tokens stacked on the same day automatically group upon starting their next cycle, including earning your rewards with 1 transaction.  Generally this behavior is useful, because it keeps better overview of your active stacks and lessens rounding losses.

Analysis 400 tokens

This section analyses actual rewards from a real stacking.  On 8th of Feb it begins with 400 tokens being committed to the stack.  Two weeks later those 400 tokens earn 3,30 EUR.  Exactly 22 tokens can be bought with those earnings, so two weeks later 422 tokens earn 4,11 EUR.  Over 8 weeks always reinvesting yields a total 17,52 EUR profit and holding 516 tokens in stack.  The available balance is 0,12 EUR.

MiracleTele 400tokens reup (8weeks)

MiracleTele 400tokens reup (8weeks)

Oppositely, the last column shows the results of keeping the earnings.  Logically this results in slightly lower earnings of 15,89 EUR (which is 1,63 EUR less), as earnings are proportional to tokens in stack.  It also means holding still 400 tokens (116 less) in stack, yet having that full earning available for withdrawal out.

Analysis 100 tokens

Lets see the impact of less tokens, again analysing actual rewards from a real stacking.  On 18th of Jan it begins with 100 tokens being committed to stack.  Two weeks later those 100 tokens earn 0,90 EUR.  And every two weeks since those 100 tele yield a reward.  The earnings vary, as rewards depend on the company’s net profit, so it’s expected to see.

MiracleTele 100tokens (10weeks)

MiracleTele 100tokens (10weeks)

Oppositely, it’s possible to reinvest earnings by purchasing more tokens.  Considering that the token count isn’t high enough for every reward cycle earnings to be above minimum token purchase / stacking threshold, there’s 2 strategies.

MiracleTele 100tokens + reup MinMax (10weeks)

MiracleTele 100tokens + reup MinMax (10weeks)

In strategy max (set of columns in the middle) it’s calculated what the result would be for every time reinvesting the maximum amount of tokens.  After 10 weeks this would result in 5,17 EUR profit (0,67 EUR more than not reinvesting), holding 125 tokens and 1,19 EUR on balance.

In strategy min (set of columns on the right) it’s calculated what the result would be for every time reinvesting the minimum amount of tokens (10) and keeping the remaining earnings for the next cycle.  After 10 weeks this would result in 5,15 EUR profit (0,65 EUR more than not reinvesting), holding 130 tokens and 0,38 EUR on balance.

So it seems the upside of “strategy max” is more EUR, while the upside of “strategy min” is more tokens.  Remeber that 5 tokens difference between max and min also represent a 0,75 EUR value (in current stage 2).

Simulation 100 EUR

This simulation is based on an average of 0,90 EUR per 100 tokens per stack.  This is an observed value over 2,5 months of stacking, the actual result will change through the fluctuations and through Miracle Tele holding or not that as average.  Still it possibly is a decent indicator for potential earnings.  YMMV.

MiracleTele SIM 100EUR (26weeks) - summary

MiracleTele SIM 100EUR (26weeks) – summary

Depositing 100 EUR this week (stage 2, tele costs 0,15 EUR) gets you 666 tokens.  If every 2 weeks during half a year you use the earnings to purchase more tokens, simulated earnings end up at 102,07 EUR and 482 additional tokens.  Lets keep in mind that this simulation initially bought during stage 2, then 6 times during stage 3 and 7 times during stage 4.  This is the reason why 102,07 EUR bought 482 tele, compared to the initial 100 EUR that bought 666 tele.

The simulation also shows that if the earnings aren’t used for purchasing more tokens, total simulated earnings during half a year would be 77,92 EUR instead.  This is a simulated difference of 24,15 EUR.  And there still be the same 666 tokens stacked.

MiracleTele SIM 100EUR + stage3 (26weeks)

MiracleTele SIM 100EUR + stage3 (26weeks)

The table on the left shows the full details of the simulation, with biweekly earnings and corresponding growth in tokens.  At the end of this half year simulation, there would be 0,15 EUR available on balance.

The table on the right shows the same simulation, but for buying AFTER the stage 3 price increase, more specifically before the end of the month.  Depositing 100 EUR (tele costs 0,20 EUR) gets you 500 tokens.  Which is still 100 tokens more than the post ICO price (tele costs 0,25 EUR).  Reinvesting earnings to purchase more tokens every two weeks during half a year, simulated earnings are 76,42 EUR and 324 additional tokens.

This simulation (initial purchase during first 2 weeks of stage 3) for not using earnings to purchase more tokens, total simulated earnings during half a year would be 54,00 EUR instead.  This is a simulated difference of 22,42 EUR.  And there still be the same 500 tokens stacked.


Holding #MiracleTele #token gets you good earnings.  The main choice is between choosing to keep your earning for withdrawing out or to reinvest them into purchasing more tokens which increases earnings.  Keep in mind that the staged ICO means buying your tokens at a discounted price, to reward early adopters.  So it means that the tokens themselves will increase in value.

Purchasing your tokens before the price increase at the end of the week (April 14th, midnight) would be the smart thing to do.  But even if you purchase later, it’s still at a lower price than the cost they’ll end up at.

Get yours https://miracletele.com/?friend=1456acf26854f1

Tip : to register use your home network (rather than a public one because many users on the same IP or device might get flagged) and no personal information / verification should be required.

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