Miracle Tele is a blockchain powered mobile telecom operator. They want to be consumer-oriented and bring value-added services. This article will look at personal experience and their community.

You can check them with this invite.

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Disclaimer : effort has been made to verify all initiatives presented and often use them ourselves. The aim is to avoid HYIP, piramides and other deceit / scams. Still, always do your own research, this post is not advise, you are responsible for your decisions.


So far all around experience with them is good. There seems to be an active community and support. Payments, tried BTC and wire deposit, went smooth. Profit shares come in every two weeks, after which you can choose to withdraw your earnings (bank account or cryptocurrencies), but you can also “withdraw to balance” if you want to reinvest to get more tokens yielding more profit.

BTC transfer was sent from an exchange, no problems at all. (They warn that with ETH you should NOT do that.) Keep in mind that your FIRST deposit will also convert your account from demo to real (which technically means you get moved from private net to ETH mainnet). It takes some time (5-20 min) and will cancel any existing stack. It also gives you access to your private key if you wish, so you can have full control.

Bank transfer was also prompt. Your own bank needs to support SEPA (Single European Payments Area). You are required to at least filling out profile – personal information (first & last name, nationality & birthday). Deposit was initiated from Miracle Tele dashboard and then inputted on PC banking. Make sure to only sent it from a bank account in your name and to include the payment message found on the invoice. Next banking day wire transfer deposit was credited and available as balance in the dashboard.

Once your tokens are added to the stack, you get rewards every 2 weeks, without doing anything. This is known as “passive income” and is a great feature. You can see an estimate on their homepage or the dashboard of your account, which is updated daily to match the company’s financial results.


With the airdrop and bounty running, the community isn’t as it usually is. Because of those campaigns, currently there’s a huge user influx, with respective join “messages” and repetition of the same base questions, a lot of them simply after free money rather than actual interest in the project. Fortunately it brings a lot of exposure, so it should be good in the long run, with a growing userbase and those who’re getting convinced of the project’s worth.

Miracle Tele is active on several social media, like twitter and facebook. Its telegram group seems most promoted and usually has interesting activity, with the hallmarks of a community. The telegram group has round the clock admins present as well as many regular members willing to chime in or help someone across language difficulties, albeit the channel is officially in English.  A separate Russian is also available.  And via email support is available in all the languages present on the website.

Noteworthy is also the miracle tele bot on telegram. After linking your account, with a code found on your dashboard, you can get all kinds of information through sending the bot commands. It’s convenient, as you can quickly check information, without logging into your account. In particular the “stack” command is useful, as it displays all your upcoming stacks, in order of them being due. It feels more practical and easier overview than on the dashboard (but that might come down to taste). Besides your balance and earnings, it’s also possible to check SIM(s) + credit information.  Simply start by typing a forward slash.

There also used to be weekly quizzes, held by the CEO himself. This brought a lot of the community together, with fun and some competition. The interesting side effect also being more people digging in to understand the different elements and timing of Miracle Tele. It’s a positive sign the big boss keeps in touch with the user-base, you can still notice him drop by into the telegram channel from time to time.


Do take some time to familiarise yourself with the project, there’s plenty resources available : website, FAQ, pinned message, tutorials, etc. If things don’t come intuitively, those answer most questions. It also gives you insight in the rules, which will help you avoid surprises.

Experience is more than up to par, having some sense of reality. In particular payments seem correct and in case of issues, support is ready to follow up. The community feel is also good, some familiar faces are coming back. For a project like this, it’s an important aspect. And maybe (hopefully) quizzes will return, after the airdrop / bounty craze ?

Get yours https://miracletele.com/?friend=1456acf26854f1
Tip : to register use your home network (rather than a public one because many users on the same IP or device might get flagged) and no personal information / verification should be required.

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