Tired of seeing the same wordpress login screen everywhere ?  I’m no longer having that and so can you.

Custom Login (MHS) - screenshot compare

Custom Login (MHS) – screenshot compare


Koen_Login (download coming, AGPL) is a wordpress plugin, largely based on the examples in the codex.  WordPress theming does NOT include the login page, so on the massive amount of wordpress websites, the login screen looks exactly the same.  Therefore i developed this plugin, to personalise the wordpress login screen, giving it an individual touch.  This plugin is a visual gimick.


  • Changes the wordpress logo for your own.
    It has a fixed height of 84px and a maximum width of 320px.
  • Adds a header “Please login to <site title>” above the form.
    Gets the site title from wordpress.
  • Adds credits for the plugin as last line.  (Please do not remove.)
  • It uses its own CSS file, to layout the header and credits.

In action

This plugin is or has been live on several websites.  Download coming.

It’s published with an AGPL license.  Do publish your own adaptations, improvements, bug-fixes, etc.  Sending a message via email or contact form is appreciated.

Simply unpack and upload to your plugins folder, then in your wordpress admin go to “plugins” and activate “Koen Login”.  Then use a filemanager to replace img/logo.png with your own.