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Elrond Battle of Nodes setup

My BoN setup for Elrond testnet.

I’ve been actively managing servers and open source stacks since 2013. I’ve gotten actively into crypto and PoS / nodes some 2-3 years ago. I have PR’s on a few repos.


When i spin up any VPS, before i setup any stack (e.g. LAMP for traditional website) or guide (e.g. Battle of Nodes), i always take a few steps to prepare.  Read more

Apache config – maintenance redirect

Apache config can be used to redirect all traffic when doing development / maintenance on your website and you want to hide it from public purview.

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Apache config – force https redirect

Apache config can be used to force all your traffic over https.

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Custom wordpress login screen

Tired of seeing the same wordpress login screen everywhere ?  I’m no longer having that and so can you.

Custom Login (MHS) - screenshot compare

Custom Login (MHS) – screenshot compare

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Workshop git basis

This workshop about git basics was for the meetup group of wordpress Antwerp, therefore in Dutch.


Workshop git basis, op 18 januari 2016, voor de meetup groep wordpress Antwerp.  (presentatie in pdf)  Wie de eerste 2 pagina’s begrijpt, kan prima beginnen met git, de rest komt wel en heb je ook minder nodig.  Wel is het zo dat branching en merging een belangrijk aspect van de kracht van git is.

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Apache config – wordpress pretty permalinks

The pretty permalinks for wordpress can also be enable through apache config, which increases server speed.

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Apache config – prevent php code in WordPress uploads

Adding a section to the apache config to prevent php code from running in the wordpress uploads directory as a security measure.

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CJB powered – wordpress child themes

Description :

A wordpress child theme (codex) is a convenient way to make small modifications to an existing theme.  More importantly, it persists modifications when the parent theme is updated, without any need for re-applying those modifications.  It does mean that BOTH themes need to be installed, while it’s the child theme that is activated.

Most modifications in these child themes are cosmetic, like matching the colour scheme to the respective logo.  A few modifications are to meet specific needs of that website or its commissioner.

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CJB – wordpress parent theme

Description :

Koen-CJB (download below, AGPL) is a wordpress theme, its development started early 2014, based on the whiteboard framework.  At the time the priority was to understand in detail how to build responsiveness as well as a wordpress theme.  Meanwhile it has become a fully functional theme, with a colour scheme matching Climate Justice Belgium logo.  This theme keeps being updated / improved, when we catch bugs and when we develop a new website.

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